Amateur Filmmakers Arrested After Prank Bombs

CBS Miami

BOCA RATON (CBS4) – The tables are turned on two South Florida filmmakers after their video prank quickly turns into a beat down by a Boca Raton man Friday.

The filmmakers, best known for their Miami zombie attacks that went viral on YouTube in the wake of the causeway cannibal attack weeks ago, have been arrested for their latest prank.

Jonathan Vanegas and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy have gone from being on the attack to being attacked. That’s after police say they played a prank on a Boca Raton man, where Zdorovetskiy ran up to the man pretending to have a bag with an explosive inside.

[worldnow id=7512816 width=385 height=288 type=video]

“I just thought ‘man, this thing is about to blow up’,” said Andre Brown

But Brown was able to keep his cool, until he was told there wasn’t really a bomb in the bag and that the entire thing was a…

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Marijuana Effects on the Teenage Brain: “Marijuana Madness” – Get Help in South Florida

David A. Gross, MD


“Marijuana Madness – A Substance Induced Mood Disorder”

I decided to write this piece after seeing yet another young patient suffering from a psychotic state directly related to regular use of marijuana (MJ). To see a capable, bright young person become so deeply disturbed because of marijuana effects is troubling to say the least. This individual had lost complete contact with reality and had to withdraw from his life to the safety of his family. Fortunately, many cases recover but some do not. Recovery can be a slow protracted process. Families are stressed and marriages suffer.

What of the individuals who use MJ regularly but don’t evidence substance induced mood disorders or such extreme marijuana effects as those who become psychotic?  The mental state changes of MJ are subtle and persistent. There has been concern about MJ-induced loss of motivation and drive.  Educationally, MJ…

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Maxime Devignez, Belgian tourist, accused of rape in Delray Beach

Maxime Devignez, Belgian tourist, accused of rape in Delray Beach.

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — An 18-year-old tourist from Belgium was charged with sexual battery on Monday, and accused of raping a woman in Delray Beach, police said.

Maxime Devignez was out drinking with a friend when they met two other men and a woman at a bar on Sunday night. The group of five ended up back at the home of one of the men Devignez met at the bar, according to the arrest report.

While three of the men were swimming in the pool and lounging in a hot tub, Devignez went into the upstairs bedroom of the woman who was sleeping. She later told detectives he groped and choked her while covering her mouth to muffle her screams for help during the sexual assault, the report stated.

One of the other men heard the commotion and entered the bedroom to find Devignez on top of the beaten and bloodied woman. Devignez ran off and police later found him trying to break into a neighboring home through a glass patio door around 4 a.m. Monday, detectives said.

During police questioning, Devignez gave conflicting versions of what happened and ultimately admitted to the attack explaining he thought the woman was a prostitute, investigators said.

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