Marijuana Effects on the Teenage Brain: “Marijuana Madness” – Get Help in South Florida

David A. Gross, MD


“Marijuana Madness – A Substance Induced Mood Disorder”

I decided to write this piece after seeing yet another young patient suffering from a psychotic state directly related to regular use of marijuana (MJ). To see a capable, bright young person become so deeply disturbed because of marijuana effects is troubling to say the least. This individual had lost complete contact with reality and had to withdraw from his life to the safety of his family. Fortunately, many cases recover but some do not. Recovery can be a slow protracted process. Families are stressed and marriages suffer.

What of the individuals who use MJ regularly but don’t evidence substance induced mood disorders or such extreme marijuana effects as those who become psychotic?  The mental state changes of MJ are subtle and persistent. There has been concern about MJ-induced loss of motivation and drive.  Educationally, MJ…

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